September 02, 2015

My Perception of Uppi2 | So called Review

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Disclaimer: This review or perception has Spoilers!

The time when this movie was announced, it has had a lot of popping eyes on it and waiting to watch. and there are a couple of reasons for it. One, the fact that its being directed by Upendra and the other fact being that its a sequel to his superhit film titled Upendra again. The lead character of which had the name 'Naanu' meaning 'I' or myself. The sequel is titled UPPI2.

I think that much intro was very much required for this post of mine and before i go ahead with further details, below are a few lines rather one-liner about the movie:

  • The movie ended, the credits rolled and i was still sitting in my seat thinking. i also thought the guts this guy must have had to make a movie of this kind and produce it himself too.
  • Even when the credits were rolling, the lights weren't switched on in the theatre. Seemed like even they didn't feel that the movie has ended.

August 15, 2015

The Review of Rangitaranga - No Spoilers!

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It was months ago when I had first seen the trailer of the movie on YouTube and to be true it didn’t haunt me much, but the shots compiled in the trailer were impressive. I was hoping that this movie would release during my vacation to India and it was exactly went against my wish. Once the movie released, there was a slow build up of appreciation for the entire cast and crew and what a movie it has been. The ratings at IMDb were also very impressive and that triggered lot of people in the overseas requesting for a release. I think this is the one of the Kannada movies which got such a big release overseas. Fortunately, Seattle was one place where it was and as I write this is still being screened.  We watched this movie First Day first show on Aug 13th, 2015. Here’s my review, rather thoughts about the movie and I have purposefully not disclosed certain things so that I don’t spoil the fun for the readers who haven’t watch the movie yet.

Thrilling, Humorous, Mysterious, Musical and the list can be never ending.

August 10, 2015

1191mi Day 2 - Eugene - Crater Lake - Roseburg

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Here are some details and pics of the Day 2 of 1191mi trip:

Starting from : Eugene, OR
Destination : Roseburg, OR (Via Crater Lake and Klamath Falls)
Departure time : 8.00 AM PST 
Summary of the Travel: Single Post
Details about Day 1Day One

Before I talk about the Day, here's the route that we took:

We made sure to wake up early from bed and hit the road. Missed a couple of exits and but after few hours, there we were at the entrance of Crater Lake National Park. This is the second time i visited the National Park and i somewhat like the place. The color of the water is exquisite. Here's where we took a lot of snaps and even completed the 30-mile loop throughout the lake. We were in time to watch the short documentary about the crater lake and how the Volcano erupted causing this wonderful natural wonder making this deepest lake in America and also the purest form of water as there are no inlets apart from rain and snow. Also no outlets!

After the crater lake, we went ahead to Klamath Falls, OR. Well, before we spoke to the guy at a Gas Station, i was under the assumption that we were heading to great waterfall place. But Klamath Falls is the name of the city and there is no waterfall to look out far. Soon after that we headed to Roseburg without knowing about the accommodation. As we reached Roseburg around 11 PM in the night, Dunes Motel came to our rescue for lodging and Denny's for dinner.

Here are some pics:
The Crater Lake

Wizard Island

Wizard Island again

Me at Crater Lake

1191mi Day 1 - Bellevue to Eugene

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Here are some details and pics of the Day 1 of 1191mi trip:

Starting from : Bellevue, WA
Destination : Eugene, OR
Departure time : 5PM PST against the expected time of 3PM PST.
Rental Car: Chevrolet Cruze
From : Enterprise Bellevue
Distance: 300 mi Approx.
Time taken : 6 hours.

Lodging: After my failed attempt of looking out for hotels to stay under my budget, I decided to go on Airbnb and finally found a place that made me comfortable and  I booked it. I must agree the procedures that Airbnb has put in place for registering and booking a place is quite commendable and it makes you feel secure. Be it the owner or the renter.

We reached the place around 11PM and the owner who was sharing a room, to our surprise was awake and gave us a warm welcome. She led us to the room, it was cozy and a small room enough for two. The electric rice cooker that we carried was put into good use and within no time, we were ready to doze off.  The drive was an usual freeway drive and nothing much to mention about apart from a rest area stop we had.

It was a long drive till Eugene and sadly we didn't find much use of the camera.

Here is the route: